Mouth/Body Dentistry

Our Holistic, Biological Approach to General Dentistry

At Marin Dental Wellness, every member of our team is committed to helping patients of all ages attain and sustain attractive, healthy smiles that support their total health through a comprehensive range of holistic and biologic dental services.

Our office is fluoride-free, mercury-free, and mercury-safe.

What Makes Holistic, Biological Dentistry Different?

Traditionally, dentistry has focused mainly on mechanical and aesthetic matters: fixing teeth or other dental structures when problems arise and making the smile look as natural and attractive as possible. In this approach, the dentist is essentially a mouth mechanic with artistic flair. The teeth are viewed in isolation from the rest of the body.

Yet your teeth are connected to your body, both physically and energetically. In fact, energetically, each of your teeth is connected to numerous other organs and tissues via your body’s meridian system.

Just as nutrients move through your body via your circulatory system, energy (xi/chi) travels via your meridian system. If any organ or other structure on one of the meridians becomes injured or diseased, other organs that share that meridian may be affected, as well. You can learn more and explore these relationships with our interactive meridian tooth chart here.

So when you come in for your first exam, we’ll be looking at far more than just the physical condition of your teeth and gums. We’ll be exploring the energetic relations, as well.

Dental Exams & Cleanings

Regular dental visits are essential for maintaining optimal mouth/body health. Exams give us a good read on your current oral health, as well as identify any emerging problems so we can help you address them early and non-invasively, before they can develop into bigger problems that are harder – and more expensive – to treat.

Prevention is the foundation of what we do. So our exams are more comprehensive than you’d expect from a typical dental practice. And with a fuller understanding of your current oral health, in the context of your overall health, we can better customize any necessary treatment to meet your individual needs.

We recommend cleanings twice a year to keep your mouth, body, and wallet healthy – more often if you have active gum disease. Scientific research has consistently linked gum disease to a wide range of systemic health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic kidney disease, cognitive decline, mental health issues, and more.

Keeping your mouth healthy is just as important as diet and exercise in keeping the rest of you healthy.

Children’s Dentistry

We welcome patients of all ages at Marin Dental Wellness and recommend scheduling your child’s first visit around their first birthday or once their first tooth erupts, whichever comes first. Not only does this let us track your child’s orofacial development more comprehensively; it helps them get used to going to the dentist. This makes later visits much easier going and helps establish good oral health habits for a lifetime.

Negative dental experiences are one of the main reasons why some adults resist seeing the dentist until they’re in pain – a point when more difficult, invasive, and expensive procedures are usually needed to address the problem.

At Marin Dental Wellness, we strive to make every visit a positive one, but especially for our youngest patients. We want to guide them towards a lifetime of excellent mouth/body health.

Holistic Therapies to Support Your Mouth/Body Health

As a biological dental practice, we incorporate many tools to support your oral health in more natural, nontoxic ways. Nutrition, for instance, is essential to keeping both teeth and gums healthy, and we provide guidance for each patient’s specific needs. We offer a wide range of supplements and remedies for nutritional support, as well as detox and other needs.

Similarly, we use holistic, botanically-based hygiene products and offer our preferred ones for you to use at home.

One of the most powerful tools we have is ozone – a kind of supercharged oxygen that’s a powerful antimicrobial. This makes it great for treating gum disease and decay. In fact, if decay hasn’t penetrated too deeply, ozone alone may be enough to stop it in its tracks, no filling necessary. Even if the decay has gone so deep that a restoration is necessary, ozone can make it so the restoration can be done with no need for numbing.

And because ozone also acts to recalcify tooth structure, areas of the tooth that have been treated with ozone are stronger than before.

Cosmetic Dentistry

At Marin Dental Wellness, we offer a full array of cosmetic procedures – all done in biocompatible, nontoxic ways so overall health isn’t compromised. The goal is to have your smile looking its best as naturally as possible.

From ozone-enhanced tooth whitening to biocompatible ceramic implants, our dentists can help you achieve the attractive smile you’ve always wanted.

Improving the Airway for Optimal Mouth/Body Health

Most dentists still overlook the importance of the airway in mouth/body health – or even realize what we can do to improve it when it’s compromised. Yet the modern Western diet – high in sugars and refined carbs, dominated by soft foods – has resulted in people developing smaller jaws, making it harder to get all the oxygen they need. The obesity epidemic has also raised the risk of obstructive sleep apnea – one of the most common effects of a compromised airway that raises the risk of chronic disease and early death.

Oxygen isn’t optional, after all.

Dr. Smith understands the airway and how to optimize it through non-invasive appliance therapies. Head over to our airway page to learn more about how appliance therapy can help you breathe easier and better.