In terms of environmental awareness Marin Dental Wellness has invested in some of the world most progressive technologies available.

Safe amalgam removal, safe disposal of mercury, and effective air filtration have all played a part in our practice design, and we have provided links to some of the solutions we have implemented.

Safe Amalgam Removal

We rigorously follow the guidelines established by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT).

Safe Mercury Disposal

CMA Ecocycle mercury filter stopping 99.5% amalgam and Mercury going down into the waterways (one gramme of mercury will contaminate to an unsafe level, one BILLION litres of water).

Air Filtration

Designed especially for dental clinics. the filters not only clean the air to within 0.003 microns, but also removes all mercury vapor and other dental fumes at the time of your consultation.

Healthy Water

Marin Dental Wellness strives to have the healthiest water available to our clients providing spring water from Cobb Mountain as well as offering alkalized water from the

Digital X-Rays Imaging

The very latest system allowing instant digital images with minimal radiation exposure. Digital photography for comprehensive patient education and visual input on informed choice.