Our Office

Marin Dental Wellness prides itself in providing the best possible holistic and biological dental care. All of our doctors are extensively trained and extremely experienced in whole person dentistry; likewise, with addressing dental situations that may be compromising your overall health.

A Healthy Healing Environment

Dental offices aren’t exactly known for their ambience. We set out to change that. We understand that the environment affects both physical and mental well-being. So we created a modern, safe, and comforting space for our patients, with beautiful wood accents and large windows to let natural light stream in.

You will also notice the abundance of plant life in our office. These plants not only soothe the soul but offer a superior level of air quality on top of our state of the art air scrubbing system.

We also protect against the EMFs generated by wifi signals and the electronic devices that surround us. These frequencies can have a severe impact on our health, so we keep our office harmonized with top of the line tools from France, protecting your biology.

Because water is life, we filter and structure our drinking water for the highest absorption and maximum hydration. We encourage you to enjoy some when you arrive and as you wait to be invited back to your treatment room.

Knowing you feel secure during each appointment with us is paramount. Each and every team member takes a focused yet gentle approach to ease any tension. To enhance your comfort, we offer blankets, stress tools, light protection, homeopathics, and more.

When a patient chooses to have their “silver” mercury amalgam fillings replaced with nontoxic, biocompatible restorations, we follow the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology’s strict safety protocols to protect the health of our patients, ourselves, and our planet.

We incorporate advanced procedures – such as the use of ozone and platelet rich fibrin – in oral surgeries to promote rapid natural healing and prevent the formation of cavitations (jawbone osteonecrosis). Where cavitations have formed from earlier surgeries, infected root canal teeth, or other issues, we can remove the dead, infected tissue and provide therapies to spur better healing.

Because conditions such as these can have such a big impact on overall health, we are both familiar and comfortable working with naturopathic and integrative physicians, taking a team approach so you can heal fully, mouth and body alike. If you aren’t currently working with such a health professional, we’re always happy to refer you to one.

A 360° Approach to Your Health

From the supplements we offer to the toothpaste and mouth rinses, you can count on a nontoxic experience at Marin Dental Wellness. We walk the talk and want to share the experience with you. It’s our hope that you leave every visit feeling more refreshed and uplifted than when you arrived.