Our Hygienists

Whitney Cameron

Whitney Cameron, RDH

Whitney Cameron was born and raised in Marin and has been working as dental hygienist since 2008. She went to SRJC for clinical training and in 2013 completed an online program to get her BS in Dental hygiene at Minnesota state university Mankato.

She has been a passionate Hygienist since the beginning of her career. She loves supporting people to achieve optimal oral health and general health as well. Since the beginning of her career, she has been interested in holistic dentistry. However, after losing her mom in 2017 to cancer, she gained insight that drew her towards all holistic health and launched her deeper into her own healing journey. She is excited to be part of a team that is aligned with her purpose and can help support healing patients’ mouths, body’s and souls.

Taren Pannu

Taren Pannu, RDHAP

Taren has a Bachelors of Dental Hygiene with Honors from USA and Bachelors of Science from India. She has been a dentist in India and has been working in the field of dentistry for 20 years. She treats patients the way she would like to be treated. So many know her as their “Gentle Touch Hygienist.”

As a professional, she has found her calling in serving people, through the provision of dental hygiene care. It has gifted her lasting relationship through promoting health and wellness. As a dental professional, she likes to pass along her knowledge to patients about TMD, Sleep Apnea and the impact of dental health on overall physical well being. She likes to spread awareness about how close nerves, arteries and veins of teeth are in close proximity to our brain, thereby influencing many overall systemic health functions.

Samira Wilson

Samira Wilson, RDH, MIM

Samira Wilson, RDH; MIM, was born and raised in NYC. She has been in Marin County since late 2001. She lives by the water in Sausalito with her two adolescent children. Her undergraduate degrees are in dental hygiene and in women’s health issues. She is the recipient of the John Smith fellowship award and the ADHA Award for Excellence and graduated at the top of her class.

Samira loves working with people and is a certified Medical Intuitive and Reiki master. Her interests include writing, Feng Shui, meditating, crafting, teaching medical intuition, and singing. She can often be found singing soothingly to her patients or celebrating what she loves about life. She has traveled extensively: visiting 43 states, 43 countries, and 6 continents. Her project this coming year is to visit the remaining 7 states, round up the country she’s seen to 50, and add Italian to the 3 languages she already speaks.