New Patients

New patients of all ages are always welcome at Marin Dental Wellness!

From innovative preventative treatments to advanced care for ongoing dental issues, Dr. Smith and his team offer a broad range of health-promoting holistic dental services to enhance your smile and give you the care and comfort you deserve.

The place to start is with a comprehensive new patient exam, in which one of our highly skilled dentists will do a thorough evaluation of your oral health and its intersections with your total health and well-being. The doctor will take the time to share his or her findings and treatment recommendations, as well as answer any questions you may have about them or other oral health concerns.

Dental X-rays at Your First Visit

Also at this first appointment, we will take dental x-rays, as our dentists need them to fully evaluate your current oral health, diagnose any problems, or note areas of potential concern to keep an eye on. X-rays allow us to see what we can’t observe through visual examination, such as the health of your jawbone, developing abscesses, interproximal (between the teeth) caries (decay), and more.

This initial set of x-rays also serves as a baseline, so we can track changes over time.

To keep your radiation exposure to a minimum, we use 100% digital imaging, which requires just a fraction of the radiation that traditional dental imaging does. We can also provide you with a homeopathic remedy to help your body clear the small amount of radiation it’s exposed to.

If you have a full set of dental x-rays that are of good quality and less than 12 months old, we may be able to use those instead of taking a new set. Ask us about this when you contact us to schedule your first appointment.

Long-Distance Patients

Because of the specialized kinds of care we provide at Marin Dental Wellness, we sometimes see patients who travel great distances to see us – even cross-country! If you live outside Northern California and are interested in consulting with Dr. Smith or any of the other dentists on our team, we can coordinate your appointments to minimize the amount of traveling you have to do and maximize your time with us here in the office. We can also give you recommendations for food and lodging here in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area!

For more information, just contact our front desk by phone or email.