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At Marin Dental Wellness, we have extensive knowledge and experience in whole person dentistry to improve your overall dental health using the most advanced technology and techniques. Take advantage of our holistic dentistry services today!

Discovering Infections Under the Teeth

Infections can exist under the teeth and may be undetectable on X-Rays, especially in root canal treated teeth. Toxins leak out from infections and depress the normal functions of the immune system, leading to disease. Education on Relationship between Specific Teeth and Illness When a tooth becomes infected or diseased, the organ on the same acupuncture meridian could also become unhealthy. The opposite is also true: dysfunction in a specific organ could lead to a problem in the corresponding tooth.

Correcting Root Canals that are a cause of Illness

Toxins seeping out of root canals can cause systemic diseases of the heart, kidney, uterus and the nervous and endocrine systems. This may be due to the imperfect seal at the apex that allows bacteria to grow and undergo changes.

Tooth Whitening

Teeth may be whitened using ozone, due its strong oxidising properties. The situation that is often encountered is the discolored incisor that has been previously root-filled. This condition is readily treated with hydrogen peroxide and sodium perborate mixture or car amide peroxide gel and is practiced as the ‘Walking Bleaching’ system. The application of ozone to the mixture will greatly enhance the whitening effect. The chosen whitening agent can be applied to the access cavity in the usual way and ozone applied from the Ozident® Dental Ozone Unit. The cavity is sealed with an acid-etched composite to retain the mix inside the cavity, and the tooth left for a period for the whitening to occur. Studies are currently under way using ozone as a means of bleaching vital teeth.

Metal Free Crowns

Dr. Smith utilizes a state-of-the-art processing method called the Emax PRESS technique which allows for an aesthetic and accurately fitting all-ceramic restoration. IPS e.max Press is biocompatible lithium disilicate glass-ceramic ingots. They offer the fit, form and function which is expected from pressed ceramics. In addition, they offer improved flexural strength (400 MPa). The esthetic properties have been optimized. Creating all-ceramic restorations has been simplified and they offer true-to-nature properties like never before.

You should always know that the dental and orthopedic restorative products used in your body have been screened for your use. Reactivity Testing is intended as a screening system to differentiate potentially unsafe materials (those containing components for which the patient has existing systemic sensitivity) from more desirable materials which show no evidence of any current sensitivity issues. It is not to be considered as means of specific diagnosis or prognosis of any disease or condition.

Dental treatment of young people can have long lasting effects. If dental care is painful and unpleasant, as these patients grow into adults, they will tend to only attend when if pain. As all dentists know, at this stage, restorative care tends to be more difficult and more extensive. The use of ozone (Abu-Salem OT et al, 2003) and mineral releasing glass ionomers can play a significant role in the dental management of these patients. As confidence in the treatment by the patient and parents or guardians is gained, so the compliance with important oral hygiene message will be increased.

Holistic Dentistry, sometimes referred to as Biological Dentistry, focuses on the patients' overall health. We emphasize the use of non-toxic restorative material for dental work. Our practice focuses on the often overlooked impact of hidden dental infection on a patient's entire health. We educate you as we do the dental exam, reviewing your whole health picture, then consult with you on any recommendations for improved health. We make extensive efforts to individualize your dental treatment based on your overall health needs. Whether it be as simple as a cleaning or a breadth of more extensive treatments we integrate your care to tailor your dental treatment to you.

We recommend cleanings twice a year to keep your mouth, your heart, and your wallet healthy. Nearly every dental insurance plan covers two cleanings per year free of charge. Regular cleanings and check-ups are critical to good oral health, as well as to your health overall. Studies have shown that the same bacteria that causes gum disease and inflammation also causes heart disease. Kept unchecked, this bacteria travels through the body from the mouth to the heart, where the consequences can be life-threatening. Keeping your mouth healthy is as important as diet or exercise in keeping your heart healthy. Regular check-ups also allow us to catch small problems early, when they can be treated easily and inexpensively. A small cavity left untreated can rapidly lead to significant decay within the tooth, leading to pain and much more expensive procedures down the road. Filling a small cavity costs approximately 1/10th of root canal treatment alone, and if the tooth is compromised to the point of requiring a crown, the cost is nearly double and is entirely preventable.

Many of us have silver fillings filled with the toxic heavy metal, mercury. The EPA has designated this material hazardous waste material, so it's no coincidence so many patients see overall health improvements with the removal of old mercury fillings. We take great care in removing this toxic material and replacing it with new natural looking non toxic substances enhancing appearance and safety.

Oral Systemic Balance® Therapeutic Systems provides a new, noninvasive therapy that is based on major scientific advances resulting in a better understanding of how the body mechanisms keep the airway open and the consequences of this system breaking down.

Periodontal disease: Ozone can be used to help treat periodontal disease by using ozonated water flushed below the gum line and/or ozone gas infiltrated into the gum tissue and supporting tissues.

Root canals: Ozone is used in all forms during root canal treatment to kill bacteria, sterilize the canal system and to stimulate faster healing. As a gas, ozone can get to places traditional liquids can’t because the gas can permeate the tiny tubules that cannot otherwise be accessed, thereby getting a truly sterile, bacteria-free root canal system before sealing the canals.

Decay: Ozone can be used to kill decay-causing bacteria. Since ozone is a gas, it can permeate into areas below the gum line, into the grooves of teeth and over the smooth surfaces of the teeth and will kill bacteria on contact. If the decayed area, or cavity, is not too deep, then no restoration may be needed at all. If the area of decay is deeply cavitated and the bacteria is killed, then a filling can be placed often times with no need for numbing. Because ozone acts to recalcify tooth structure, areas of the tooth that have been treated with ozone are stronger than what was there before.

Sensitivity: Because ozone can harden compromised tooth structure, flooding a sensitive area or tooth with ozone gas can effectively eliminate sensitivity. We have successfully addressed many patients’ sensitivity issues with ozone therapy.

Safety: Ozone does not have any contraindications with other medications, therefore cross-reactions are not a concern at all. You cannot be allergic to ozone, because you cannot be allergic to oxygen.

Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) are the result of a breakdown in the body’s ability to keep the airway in the throat open. When this occurs, the tongue is able to fall back into the throat (pharynx) and either obstruct or partially obstruct the air passage which can result in snoring, OSA or a multitude of other concerns. How the tongue maintains its position in the mouth so that it does not go back into the throat is critical. This system uses oral devices that have some similarities with the dental orthotics that have been used in the treatment of snoring and OSA, however OSB therapy is quite different in that they do not solely rely on alteration of jaw position to keep the tongue from falling back into the throat. OSB Therapies address snoring and sleep apnea at the level of their origin. In doing so it also impacts other symptoms associated with the underlying system problems. Oral Systemic Balance Therapies applies new knowledge of the effect that the shapes and contours of the teeth and other oral structure have on the tongue and throat airway. In this way, snoring and OSA are better managed as breathing, swallowing, and speaking are made easier.

Conventional orthodontic treatment recommended extraction of four healthy bicuspid teeth for a 12-year-old, Melissa T. to make room for the crowded remaining teeth. The crowding was created by under development of the patient's dental arches. By removing teeth the genetic potential for growth of the patient's jaws would be compromised. When teeth are extracted and then the upper front six anteriors are retracted, the skull becomes jammed. Since the sutures, spaces between the skull bones, are viable structures (nerves, blood vessels and fibers) the contents become compressed creating neurologic (potential for chronic pain) and structural problems (scoliosis, disc compression and herniation).

A viable alternative is the use of ALF (Alternative Lightwire) appliances. Since there is no bulky plastic there is no speech problem. It is easy to clean. The patient does not remove it. The forces generated are light therefore reducing pain. The concept is very simple: with light gentle forces, the skull bones will expand and growth stimulated. With increased jaw space there is now room to guide the crowed teeth into a corrected position with conventional orthodontic braces. The other major key is that the ALF appliance must be adjusted at each visit to realign the skull bones. By so doing the foundation of the skull (maxillae- upper dental arch) is leveled. This leveling is important in reducing the amount of relapsing of the teeth into their old crooked position. Balancing the skull bones helps insure a more normal neurologic and spinal function through out the patient's life.