Dr. Robert E Jarvis

Dr. Robert E Jarvis II was born and raised in Santa Rosa, CA. He graduated with honors at UC Davis and obtained his dental doctorate at UCLA school of dentistry. Following dental school, he was an oral and maxillofacial surgery resident at UCL, a medical center, and he graduated in 1984. His intensive training included maxillofacial reconstruction, general anesthesia, dental surgery, dental implants and temporomandibular joint disorders.

Dr. Jarvis’ hobbies include trying to play guitar, circuit training, antiques, baseball, and basketball. He’s involved in several charity organizations. Dr. Jarvis is committed to the comfort and health of his patients.

After retiring from his practice of 33 years in Sonoma County, Dr. Jarvis is interested in removing infected teeth and bones that may contribute to systemic disease. He’s excited about placing the two-piece Zirconia implants.